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The Japanese fireworks which first started about 400 years ago have become one of the world's best. TAMAYA KITAHARA FIREWORKS Co., Ltd. has introduced new techniques to the Japanese tradition since we were founded. We have been pursuing the fireworks as an entertainment, using the advanced computerized firing system and introducing the dynamic Pyromusicals, the total integration of music into fireworks. Having been highly regarded with our entertaining work, we have been spreading our field to Europe, China, USA, and the Middle East as well as in Japan. Regarding fireworks and any related events, feel free to contact us!
Articles on our activities in foreign news papers

Many of our displays and prizes-winning history overseas
The city of Shanghai made public recognition of our big project with 100,000 of massive fireworks at Shanghai International Music Fireworks in Shanghai, China in October, 2000. With that as a start, we have constantly displayed fireworks in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. We believe our work has become well-known for its highly skilled show technique as represented by the championship at International Fireworks Festival in Barcelona, Spain.

Our work appeared in magazines and on TV around the world
Many of our works have been reported in magazines in Japan and overseas. The Japanese magazine called "Career Planning for Grown-ups" by Recruit co., Ltd introduced our very first business chance overseas and its advantages in a special feature article "Work abroad with Our Traditional Japanese business".

We were interviewed on our activities and it appeared on TV Tokyo in 2003.

Head Quarters

3805-8 Shinei,Isesaki,Gumma, 372 - 0034,Japan

Delivery Center

661-3 Kamikanbai Omama-cho Midori-city,Gumma,
Factory Jiangxi,Hunan,China
Founded February 1,1982
Business Overview <Firework Show Planning and Display>
*Computer generated fireworks
*Pyromusical show
*Domestic & overseas fireworks show
<Fireworks Manufacturing>
*Lightning equipment
*Firing system
*Party crackers and indoor fireworks
*Set fireworks and toy sparklers
*Special stage effect
<Importing and Exporting Fireworks>
Number of Employee 20 persons
Number of
Displaying Employee
100 persons
Delivery center located in the heart of Mt. Akagi

Display overseas

Inquiries from outside Japan also can be made easily

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